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Get IFBB level glutes.

  • Get the exact workout behind the famous booty
  • Discover the routines and recipes used by Justine to sculpt her body.
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What's Inside:

After competing in this years 2017 Arnold Classic, Justine will release this program shortly after.  To ensure you are one of the first to get it for FREE, enter your email and we will send you a copy once released!

Workout Program

Discover the exact routines and program used by Justine over the years.

Justine's Recipes

Meal prep done properly -  that will keep you lean, strong and satisfied. 


Exclusive 1 on 1 access to chat with Justine and ask her for help. 

What Clients Say:

I was invited to compete in the Arnold Amateur in Columbus and I was elated but had no trainer.  A friend recommended Justine and I knew I had to get her. 

The diet and workouts were different then anything I had received from other trainers. The results were amazing! My body changed in weeks in ways which I had been trying for years.

Justine made this the easiest prep I had ever done.  She took care of everything and I placed #1 overall in the Arnold Amateur Bikini. I owe a lot of gratitude to her!

Team Justine Munro Competitor - Shelagh

I would not even consider any other coach besides Justine for any future preps. 

Coach Justine’s individualized guidance was definitely the key to keeping my body balanced and allowing me to continually grow as an athlete, competitor, and individual.

I am beyond grateful that I was lucky enough to find a genuinely knowledgeable and absolutely amazing coach that values each and every one of her competitors/clients are real human beings and friends.

Team Justine Munro NPC Competitor- Ashley Nelson

Talk about motivation!

The photos are me, 16 pounds heavier on the left and looking and feeling way more defined and energetic on the right. 

Justine is a no B.S coach who expects 100% commitment but anyone under her programs could see massive results. 


Working with Justine really jump started my transformation! I stay at home with my two little ones (ages 3 & 1) and was tapped in a routine of eating ALL of the time.

Justine gave me everything I needed to get myself, body and mind, back. She is incredibly supportive and I've always said I'd rather work with someone I admire...well she's the best in the business! If you are looking to get your smile back use Justine- best decision you'll ever make for yourself!

Jess - Stay at home mom

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Justine's 4 Week Booty Kickstart Program

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